Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Back to blogging?

Hi everyone!

So, as you've probably realised, it's been a long time with no blog posts. And for that I can only apologise, Hopefully though, I'm going to try and start up this lil' part of the interweb again, and get back on the blogging band wagon!

Hopefully you'll see me soon!!

Leanne xx

Monday, 8 December 2014


Thanks guys! It was a great feeling to get that long waited for email, telling me I have 200 followers on Bloglovin this morning! So thank you for following!!!

Leanne :)xx

Friday, 21 November 2014

Winter whats on my face?

Hello my lovelies! So I haven't posted much recently, as I've been revising for exams, so I thought i'd share with you my winter makeup essentials!

Ps Love (Primark) liquid eyeliner
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Collection Lipstick 'Seduction'
Rimmel Hide the Blemish concealer

Ill be back posting full time a week on Wednesday, but untill then it will be a bit touch and go, so sorry about that!

Also, I nearly have 200 followers which is c r a z y!! So thanks for that guys!

Leanne :) xx

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Why I love Autumn

Hello my lovelies! This morning i took a walk into the Great British Countryside (or the nice field at the back of my house) and took some wonderful snaps that i just had to share! They're just so autumnal! 

I hope you enjoyed a little insight post!

Leanne :)xx

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Primark Candle Review

Hello my lovelies! I have a slightly different review today, a candle one!

So about a month ago i picked up this 'Winter Berry' candle from Primark of all places, for just 80p! Because of how cheap it was, i really wasn't expecting a lot, but its  not bad at all!

The scent of the candle is really fruity and sweet. As you'd expect the scent doesn't fill the whole room dramatically, but you can definitely smell it. It burns down really nicely as well, which not a

I think this would make a really nice stocking stuffer or present for someone who likes candles, but isn't a big fan of expensive ones.

For 80p there isn't much i can grumble about, as its very good for the money!
The cinnamon and apple one s very nice too by the way!

Price: 9/10   Product:  6.9/10  Packaging 8/10

Leanne :) xx

Monday, 3 November 2014

Makeup .

Today I want to talk about something slightly different. Its going to be a long post, so I'd grab yourself a cuppa or beverage of your choice, maybe even play some music if you want!

* please read till the end, my argument balances out in the end haha! *

Makeup seems to be coming a prominant part of modern day teenagers lives. As a beauty enthusiast, i'm certainly not saying this is bad. I just feel like too many young people are so easily influenced by media of many forms, to do things they're not comfortable with, whether this be too much or too little makeup!

Personally wearing makeup makes me feel much more 'confident in my own skin' but for some girls wearing makeup just isn't 'them'. The media portrays so many naturally beautiful women wearing makeup 24/7 and let's face it we are all influenced. I know that I certainly have felt like makeup is the way forward. But If someones happy without makeup, why should they be made to feel victimised because they're wearing their bare skin? Go them!

In the same way, girls who wear alot of makeup shouldn't bwle constantly reminded of their heavier makeup. You see we all have variying opinions on what 'too much' is. Although were free to have our own opinions, we dont have make ourselves better by dragging others down. There may be deeper meanings as to why they wear so much makeup, that we don't know. These girls also, should do what they feel most comfortable in! If you have a passion for makeup, show it!

I'm neither saying too much or too little makeup is right. Do what you want. Its your face, and your choice what goes on it! No matter what you put on your face though, you are you... your lack or lot of makeup is part of you. And you, yes every single one of you are fabulous!

I realised that although I love makeup, to others it means nothing. And I just wanted to share with you what I think. I understand this could be a very contraversial article, but hey ho!

Anyways! I hoped you enjoyed today's post guys! Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Leanne :) xx

Sunday, 2 November 2014

It's Potent

Hello my lovelies! I'm always looking for skincare products to try out, and earlier this year, i bought a set of Benefits Skincare luxury sized samples. One of my favorite products from the bunch was It's Potent, so i thought I'd share with you my thoughts! 

When perusing the shelves, trying to pick out an eye cream, i tend to stay away from thick heavy creams! I much prefer light creams, as thick, gloopy  creams cause me to break out under my eyes. I end up with lot's of small spots, and its just not pretty! In comparison to other eye creams I've tried, It's Potent is actually fairly light. Don't get me wrong though, when you put it on you can still feel it on your eyes, but it's not sticky or a hindrance!

I always apply my eye cream after cleansing before i go to bed, i definitely find that that's enough to keep my under eye area in good shape! When i wake up, after application, i can certainly tell the difference! The skin is nourished, and i have no dry or flaky patches! 

It smells fairly nice too, which is a plus point, there's nothing worse than a great product that doesn't smell good! It's potent definitely isn't the cheapest of eye creams on the market, and you could probably get one much cheaper at £25.50, but if you've tried everything else on the shelves, and nothings working, I'd definitely recommend you give this a go!

Price: 5/10    Product:7/10   Packaging: 6/10

Leanne :)xx